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Mar. 14th, 2017 03:36 pm
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For the next month, Fabletown went back to its usual self.

The usual self that involved Bigby spending hours at his desk, listening to people bitch and complain and whine about things that most of the time he couldn't change and the rest of the time wouldn't get involved in even if he could. Beauty had taken teaching Sascha to mean that she could come and talk about her marriage problems to Bigby, which meant Beast kept coming up to prise into why Beauty was there.

The Coven kept petitioning to raise their prices (he threatened to eat anyone else who came down to try) which wasn't even his business, but Snow had banned them coming to her about it. Pinocchio had to be bailed twice for trying to purchase cigarettes and liquor. He actually left Woody in the mundy prison for a week for his drunk and disorderly before picking him up; only to have to sling him into their cell when he got drunk and came to pick a fight with Bigby about not busting him free sooner.

It was one thing after another and between office hours, his actual work hours and then spending time with Sascha after his reading and writing lessons, it was wearing him thin.

Which was why when Sascha woke up, Bigby wasn't there. Snow was, leaning back into the dining room chair and reading a novel that was held in one hand.
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A few days after Snow had babysat Sascha, Bigby came home early from work with company.

Company that Sascha had actually met, briefly. With cascades of blonde curls, soft eyes and what were often called rose petal lips, Beauty was a gem amongst the already improbably beautiful women of the Fable community.

Beauty had a trait that Bigby needed right now.

Beauty loved books. Words, writing, reading, Beauty had a passion for stories.

"Sascha! Up, sun's been down for half an hour and we got company!"
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Come sunset, Bigby isn't there.

Instead, there's a somewhat baffled young woman, in a white business suit and a soft blue shirt, her dark hair curled and pinned up, professional and patient. She's doing her paperwork at Bigby's table, fountain pen scratching over the papers, making corrections and signing points.

There's a bag sitting on the counter, full of bones with scraps on them. Bigby had shoved it at her on his way out and given her permission to go in. Since he never bothered locking the apartment.
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One day, Bigby woke up and he was on his couch, listening to Colin snore on the floor.

He was in the wrong shape, surrounded by the wrong smells. Scotch and old chinese take out, the sounds of the city filtering in from the open window.

He reached up and softly touched behind his ear, but he felt nothing unusual there. No sense of how he managed to make the technology work.

He thought he wasn't meant to remember, but he did. He remembered it all with razor sharp clarity.


He looked to Colin, who regarded him with something akin to worry.

"You okay?"

"No. Not really." He tapped out a cigarette, lighting up. "Fuck. I haven't been anywhere, have I?"

"Not unless you count the good old land of Nod." Colin gestured Bigby's chest. "That's still healing."

He looked and realise that dull ache was the scars of the silver bullets still closing up in his chest. Like it had been the night he had woken up in the Fleet.

Not months. "Not even hours," he murmured.

"Have you gone mad, at last? Can I have your radio?"

"Shut up, Colin." He groaned and gave Colin the cigarette when he started nosing at the packet. "I ned to go out for a bit. Tell Snow I'll be back when I've sorted something out."

"Tell Snow?" Colin staggered to his feet as Bigby started getting ready to head off. "Where are you going? Bigby? How long is "out for a bit"?"

"Don't know. Brain was stolen for a while, need to go and check some stuff. I'll be back when I can. Definitely before the turn of the century."

"Bigby! I can't tell Snow that! I'm not even meant to be in the city!"

Bigby tossed the keys to Colin and stepped out. He wasn't going to need the place for a while. Fabletown would just have to survive without him.


Bigby shoved his way through the exit of Between, shifting to his smaller form to get in. He dressed himself in a hurry and set off towards the smell of industry and civilisation. This world smelt closer to others he had walked through, free of the Adversary and his people, heavy with age and the curl of undeath sitting on the roof of his mouth and the back of his throat.

This could be it. He had beaten the information out of a Muerta pixie that had been fleeing the Adversary to find somewhere with cleaner death it could feed on. It mentioned this place, an unsuitable home for it with the presence of undying creatures.

He needed to find high ground, but already he was whispering to the winds, explaining who he was and what he needed from them. He needed information. He needed the dead thing that was unlike the rest. He was looking for his dead thing.
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It's the middle of the night, Bigby's fed and showered and returned back to his room to sprawl about on his cushions and pillows.

And send a message to Sascha. To get his butt back to Bigby's room.
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Bigby had decided to give something new a go.

Something new was taking on his in between form. Beyond the not at all tolerated term "beard mode", where his fur covered his body, giving him a sense of not being naked but he could move comfortably between two legs and four, snout filling out his face.

He abandoned his clothing. Didn't need it, didn't want it. Went prowling the ship like that, small enough to fit through doorways on all fours, mobile fingers on his front paws letting him work door handles.

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Apr. 15th, 2016 11:00 am
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This is by far the weirdest permissions post I've ever put up.

Bigby has a hyper acute sense of smell. He can't stop it, but it's up to you to tell me what, if anything, he will smell about your character.

Things he can tell:

• What you are (human, elf, dragon, he might not recognise the scent if he hasn't encountered the creature before, but he will be able to smell that you're different)
• Where you spend your time and doing what (Likes to hang out on another ship, plays with ship guts a lot, cooks all the time)
• Basic emotions (especially fear, he is really good at smelling fear. He can only tell basic things like fear, anxious, angry, lusty)
• Health (injured, sick, again, basic things)

Bigby CANNOT smell magic as an inherent thing. If your character is a fire elemental, yeah, he could smell the fire and smoke about you, but not the magicalness of being. He might be able to tell a witch by the smell of the things she uses for magic.

So, leave me anything you think might be relevant for Bigby and I to know!


Nov. 13th, 2015 01:41 pm
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[To call Bigby unimpressed is probably an understatement. He's discovered the chronic lack of cigarettes on the fleet and since then has taken to mostly avoiding people, standing back and watching everyone with an air of quiet menace that he can't quite suppress.]


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